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Caring for patients with diabetes

Step Up To Support Diabetics

Step Up To Support Diabetics

Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a chronic and complex disease associated with many complications, affects major parts of the body such as eyes, teeth, nerves, kidneys, heart and brain.

Diabetic patients requires many special treatment needs . Our experienced team of pharmacists works with physicians to create compounding preparations that help in the management of diabetes to treat health problems that are common among patients with diabetes Like, wound / foot care, oral and dental problems, neuropathy, personel care issues, heart and kidney problems.

Nigehban's exclusive diabetes care formulations based on the latest, comprehensive, evidence-based therapeutic approaches that reduces the complications of diabetes, offer a complete line of medications to assist diabetes patients in taking treatment options to the next level and help in managing the challanges of living and improve quality of life for millions of people living with diabetes.

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Our compounding formulations make lives more productive and comfortable