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What Is Compounding

What is Compounding

Compounding is an art and science of creating unique specific formulation or tailored medication to meet the specific needs of the patients. A growing number of people and animals have unique health needs that off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all prescription medicines cannot meet. For them, customized medications are the only way to provide better health and are often life-saving.

Why Customized Medication is Important?

  • Get access to make short / discontinued medications
  • When pharmaceutical companies discontinue production of a particular medicine who fill the patient's prescription or little demand for a drug but are not prepared by manufacturer Compounding play essential role in providing access to discontinued medications by re-making pharmaceutical based ingredients in order to make sure that patients get the required care.

  • Prepare Medication Easier To Use
  • Some medicines have very bitter taste, making it difficult for patients to take them as prescribed. Compounding ensures to custom make the prescription as per the patient's flavor of choice. This is challenging when dealing with patients who may refuse medicine like children, old age patients and even pets.

  • Creates Alternative Dosage Forms
  • Each Patient requires unique care of treatment, some patients have problem in swallowing pills and some have fear of injectables they may demand for their medication in different dosage form e.g in pleasant flavored liquid and or in suppositories. Compounding can create various dosage forms ensuring the optimum method of compliance for the patients.

  • Making Medication Allergy-friendly
  • Some patients may experience allergies, sensitivity or any unwanted reaction.In other words commercially available medications may have excipients such as dyes, fillers and preservatives that cannot be tolerated by patients having sensitivity or may get allergic to these substances. A compounding make-sure to prepare formula without any offensive ingredients for the benefit of patients.

  • Offering Unique Services
  • Compounding allows the pharmacist to use their extensive drug knowledge to help the patient and prescriber create a truly unique treatment plan.


Compounding pharmacy provides a customized medication which is not available commercially, or a patient may require drug that is currently in shortage or discontinued, or tailored medications prepared according to the specific patient's needs.
The licensed pharmacist prepare these medications accordingly prescribed by the physician , veterinary or other prescribing practitioner.
Compounding pharmacy has an ancient roots, common practise, well regulated and continue to grow. Pharmacy is one of the most respected profession in Pakistan. Compounding is a central activity and evolved into the practice within the pharmacy community today. All licensed pharmacists got training and eduaction to perform basic compounding. Pharmacists with customized tools , unique dosage forms and innovative delivery methods work with practitioners to create personalized medicine for people who aren’t served by the “one-size-fits-all” approach of commercially prepared drugs.
Compounding medications are same as to the "off-lable" use of approved drugs. Now a days practitioner prescribe customized mediactions by which they believe it is the best and safe medical option for individuals specific needs. So prescriber and veterinarian often prescribe those medications which have not been specifically approved because in their practice and judgment, the treatment is in the best interest of the patients.
Basically compounding medications are tailored or customized medications which are preapred according to specific individual patient's needs, e.g some patients who do not tolerate the dosage form of commercially available drugs like pediatric, geriatric and hospice patients or patients who are allergic to any excipient which are used in the commercially prepared drugs e.g gluten etc. Sometime discontinued medicine or medicine shortly availble in market require for the treatment of the patient, thats why medical professional often prescribed compounding medication.
Componding pharmacies get their ingredients for the compounding from the suppliers just like pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, who are registered and authorized by concern department.
All pharmacists and pharmacies are registered and licensed. Pharmacists are registered by Pharmacy Council Of Pakistan and get their license which are regulated after every five years. Compounding pharmacies are licened and strictly regulated by DRAP (Drug Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan). All pharmacies have always been subjected to oversight and monitored by DRAP and they decide the way upon which compounding pharmacy should work and regulated according to their boundaries.

Nigehban compounding pharmacy helped me to become a better pharmacist. Every day compounding pharmacy tackles various patient challenges and works with many practitioners to create safe and effective solutions. For patients, compounding can be life-changing, even lifesaving. And, it’s highly rewarding for compounding pharmacists to handle and solve some toughest challenges and compounding provide so many solutions for so many problems and for that I am very grateful.

Mehroz Kalim

Rph. Mehroz Kalim
Senior Pharmacist at Nigehban Compounding Pharmacy

Each patient who is getting treatment by customized medication is unique and personal, patients know about how powerful, safe and secure compounded medicine can be.

What Our Patients Say

Compounding expands discretion for physicians or prescribers to prescribe customized drug products containing unique drug-dosage combinations and/or formulations , they believe compounded medication is the best treatment option specifically for individual patients need.

What Our Physicians Say

Compounding Pharmacist use their extensive drug knowledge with the help of customized tools, unique dosage form and innovative delivery methods work with prescribers to create a truly unique treatment option for specific patients, who aren't served by the "One-Size-Fits-All" approach of mass produced drugs.

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