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Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding is an art and science of creating unique specific formulation or tailored medication to meet the specific needs of the patients. A growing number of people and animals have unique health needs that off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all prescription medicines cannot meet. For them, customized medications are the only way to better health and are often life-saving.

Contract Manufacturing

Nigehban is known as leading contract manufacturing company. We expert in our ability manufacture specialized branded products. Nigehban's operations are ISO-9001 approved.

Private Labelling / Your Brand Creation

Establishing new brands or improving existing brands couldn’t be any easier. Our resourceful and knowledgeable Brand consultants will work closely with you throughout the entire process, from concept to develop new formulation.


We handle all aspects of shipping and receiving. We ship small packages to large bulk containers, through Noushad Traders, all over the world.


A cosmetic is a product that enhance your beauty and appearance while a drug is something that is used to prevent or treat a disease The word cosmeceutical is a hybrid of two cosmetic nad pharmaceutical( drug) refers to cosmetics products that contain active ingredients claiming to enhance the appearance of skin. We offer skin and personel care products that do indeed live up to their own reputation in delivering results that improve health and beauty at the same time are safe, reliable and widely acceptable by both in male and female.

Research & Development

Our modern, in-house Laboratory and highly experienced Pharmacist and Chemist provide you with the ability to perform advanced and detailed product research and development. Perfectly suited for custom formulation, this service greatly improves product efficacy, safety and stability.

Students Training Program

Nigehban Compounding Pharmacy provides high-quality compounding training to pharmacy students. Our goal is to inform future pharmacists about compounding opportunities and how to meet unique patient needs. Our objective to conduct the training program for pharmacy students is to define the term compounding, describe common situations in which compounding is required, and identify rational and examples of non-sterile compounding. Our course is Basic Compounding Training consist of hands-on training, a review of dosage forms and compounding techniques.

Herbal & Personal Care

Herbal care is a line of products inspired by the richness of nature based on natural plant extract.
We provide harbal products with care and compassion.


Our highly experienced pharmacist, state of the art laboratory and extensive ingredient inventory, we go to extreme lengths to ensure that our formulas meet your demands. We can create custom formulas or formula adaptations, or you can choose from a vast and impressive selection of tried and tested, scientifically proven formulas, covering the entire spectrum of the personal and Neutra care industry.

Packaging , Web Design, Development & Social Media Marketing

We stocks a large range of high quality, modern packaging options with a vast assortment of components. We also commonly source additional and alternative packaging. Our team of onsite graphic designers is available to work with clients in the creation of spectacular customized artwork and package decoration. You can also choose from a large array of labeling options and printing materials. We create intelligent and striking design, positioning brands with clarity and impact. We will handle all your design and social media marketing solution to presense in international market.

Our Mission is to Act as a Valueable Resource to our Clients & Caregivers