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Potassium Citrate and Citric Acid 2mEq/ml

Pack Size: 100ml

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Product Description

Therapeutic Category:

Alkalinizing Agent, Oral

Key Ingredients:

Potassium Citrate & Citric Acid

Formulation Strength:

Potassium Citrate Syrup 2mEq/ml


Pediatric Oral:

  • Treatment o f chronic metabolic acidosis secondary to chronic renal insufficiency or syndrome of renal tubular acidosis
  • Long term therapy to alkalinize the urine for control and/or dissolution of uric acid and cystine calculi of the urinary tract.


Oral : Dose should be diluted prior to administration to minimize injury due to high conc. of potassium; Administer after meals and at bed time to prevent saline laxative effect; follow dose with additional water if necessary; dose may be chilled to improve palatability. Solution : Dilute each dose with water; pediatric patients dilute with 4 oz (half glass) and adults with 8 oz (full glass)