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Potassium phosphate Solution 2GM/30ML

Pack Size: 100ml

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Product Description

Therapeutic Category:

Electrolyte Supplement, Oral

Key Ingredients:

Potassium- potassium is major cation of intracellular fluid & is essential for conduction of nerve impulses in heart, brain and skeletal muscles; contraction of cardiac, skeletal & smooth muscles; maintenance of normal renal function, acid base balance, carbohydrates metabolism & gastric secretion.
Phosphate-modifying influence on steady state of calcium levels, a buffering effect of on acid-base equilibrium & primary role in renal excretion of hydrogen ion.


Formulation Strength:

Potassium Phosphate Solution 2GM/30ML

Pediatric Oral:

  • Treatment and prevention of hypophosphatemia or hypokalemia


Must be diluted before administration.