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Leucovorin Syrup 5mg/5ml

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Product Description

Therapeutic Category:

Antidote , Methotrexate; Folic Acid Derivative

Key Ingredients:

Leucovorin - a reduced form of folic acid, leucovorin supplies the necessary cofactor blocked by methotrexate , enters the cells via same active transport system as methotrexate . Stabilizes the binding of 5-dUMP and thymidylate synthetase, enhancing the activity of fluorouracil. Administer with pyrimethamine for treatment of opportunistic infections, leucovorin reduces the risk for hematologic toxicity .

Formulation Strength:

Leucovorin Syrup 5mg/5ml



  • Folic acid antogonist overdosage (pyrimethamine, trimethoprim methotrexate)
  • High dose methotrexate rescue or antidote
  • Folinic acid dependent seizures
  • Megaloblastic anemia secondary to congenital deficiency
  • Prevention of Pyrimethamine hematologic toxicity


Use as directed by physician.