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Carvedilol Suspension 1mg/ml

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Product Description

Therapeutic Category:

Antihypertensive , Beta-Adrenergic Blocker, Nonselective with Alpha-Blocking Activity

Key Ingredients:

Carvedilol - Nonselective beta adrenergic blocker (class II arrhythmic ); competitive blocks response to beta1-beta2 adrenergic stimulation which result in decrease in heart rate, myocardial contractility, blood pressure , and myocardial oxygen demand . non selective beta adrenergic blockers (nadolol , propranolol ) reduce portal pressure by producing splanchnic vasoconstriction ( beta2 effect )therapy reducing portal blood flow.

Formulation Strength:

Carvedilol Suspension 1mg/ml


Pediatric Oral:

  • Heart failure ( infants , children, adolescent ? 17 years)
  • Hypertension ( adolescent ? 18 years )
  • Left ventricular dysfuntion following MI (Adolescent ? 18 years )


Should be taken with food to minimize the risk of orthostatic hypotension